North Dakota Wrongful Death Attorney

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There is nothing quite as emotionally painful as finding out that you have lost a loved one. If you learn that your loved one’s death was preventable and occurred as a result of negligence, you may be feeling devastated or angry. Our North Dakota wrongful death lawyers at Pringle & Herigstad, P.C. are prepared to represent you on behalf of your loved one and see that justice is served.

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Why Hire a Lawyer for a Wrongful Death Suit?

While we know that a lawsuit may not be the first thing on your mind, filing a wrongful death claim can help you recover compensation to pay for your expenses and leave you free to grieve in peace. Our legal team is compassionate towards what you are going through and does not want to see you suffer as a result of negligent behavior.

With more than 100 years of experience, we have represented all types of wrongful death suits and had great success in recovering damages. When you hire an attorney from our firm to help you with your case, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will handle every legal detail and do everything possible to recover the maximum compensation you are owed. Our team will do everything while you focus on what matters most: spending time with your family and healing.

Common Causes of Wrongful Death

A death is considered “wrongful” when it results from the careless, reckless, negligent, wrongful, or intentional acts or omissions of another. In other words, if the deceased would have had grounds for a personal injury claim had he or she lived, his or her death is likely considered “wrongful.”

Our firm offers representation for deaths caused by the following and more:

If your loved one was killed in an accident or died due to serious injuries, and you believe someone else is to blame, you could have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. Contact our team at Pringle & Herigstad, P.C. right away to learn more.

Who Can File A Claim in North Dakota?

Only certain individuals may file a wrongful death lawsuit in North Dakota. These include:

  • The surviving spouse
  • The surviving child/children
  • The surviving parent(s)
  • The surviving grandparent(s)
  • The personal representative of the deceased’s estate
  • The individual who had primary physical custody of the deceased

Note that priority is granted to the deceased’s surviving spouse, followed by the surviving children, then the surviving parents, and so on. A surviving grandparent cannot file a wrongful death lawsuit unless there is no surviving spouse, child, or parent or none of those parties bring a claim within 30 days of being eligible to do so.

How the Wrongful Death Process Works

The process of filing a wrongful death lawsuit can be difficult, time-consuming, and challenging. First, it is important to note that you only have two years from the date of death to file the lawsuit in North Dakota. If you fail to file a claim within this statute of limitations, your case will almost certainly be dismissed, and you will not be able to recover compensation for your losses.

The first thing you should do if you suspect your loved one’s death was caused by someone else’s negligent or wrongful conduct is to reach out to an attorney with experience in wrongful death litigation, like those at Pringle & Herigstad, P.C. Bringing a wrongful death claim typically involves an exhaustive investigation into the cause of death. As the party bringing the claim, you have the burden of proof, meaning you are responsible for proving that the other person or party acted negligently or wrongfully and that this was the cause of death.

Our North Dakota wrongful death lawyers know how to gather supporting evidence, submit the necessary paperwork, and negotiate with the liable party for a fair settlement. If the other side refuses to settle, we are ready to take your case to court and pursue the justice and fair compensation you and your family deserve.


No amount of money can bring back your loved one or make up for what you have been through. At Pringle & Herigstad, P.C., we recognize that wrongful death lawsuits are not about “compensating” the family for their loss but, rather, about achieving justice and providing the financial resources surviving loved ones need to heal.

We strive to recover maximum economic and non-economic damages for our clients, including the following:

  • Medical expenses incurred prior to death
  • Reasonable and necessary funeral/burial costs
  • Conscious pain and suffering
  • Loss of income, earnings, and support
  • The value of household, childcare, and other services provided by the deceased
  • Loss of employment, business, and opportunity
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of love, companionship, counsel, guidance, and society

In some cases, we may also be able to seek punitive damages, which are meant to punish the at-fault party for egregious negligence and/or willful or wanton misconduct. Punitive damages are rare, but may be available in cases involving drunk driving, assault, and other deaths resulting from excessive negligence or intentional acts/omissions.

Recovering Fair Compensation for a Wrongful Death

When a loved one passes away as a result of an accident, there will likely be a variety of expenses you will face. Between medical and hospital bills and funeral costs, the amount you owe can quickly add up. Our North Dakota wrongful death attorneys firmly believe that you should not be left to pay for these costs on your own, especially if another party was responsible for the accident. We are here to help ensure your rights are protected and that your family receives fair compensation.

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