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Pringle & Herigstad, P.C. is your path to justice. We have proudly served clients for over 100 years, handling some of North Dakota’s largest verdicts and settlements. More than that is our commitment to our clients and the local community. As a full-service firm, our North Dakota lawyers represent injured parties and their families in personal injury and wrongful death claims. In addition, we have the skill you need to plan or organize your business and can help you devise a solid estate plan. Our legal team will assist you with a divorce or other family matter will fight for your rights after an arrest and will take on complicated oil, gas, and mineral law cases, in and out of court.


Our legal team serves clients throughout North Dakota and are dedicated to our communities. We keep active and are involved in giving back. The firm and our lawyers are well-known with the courts and our judges for our reputation for results. We use the full breadth of our considerable resources and skill to fight for your best interests and protect your peace of mind.

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    Recognizing Signs of Negligence
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    Safe Driving Tips
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    What Shouldn’t You Do After a Car Accident?
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