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Insurance companies often air commercials where they protect American citizens from hazards and harm. Unfortunately, real-life insurance companies and their representatives aren’t quite the same as they are in ads. Here’s why insurance companies that owe you money can’t be trusted.

You Are a Liability

Liability is when someone has a legal responsibility to do something. When someone signs up with an insurance company, they are only a client, but when the insurance company owes that person money resulting from an accident, they become a liability.

Liabilities are threats to insurance companies and their profits because they deserve compensation under their contracts. For example, if someone’s negligent driving injures another person, the negligent party’s insurance company is often on-the-hook to give the injured person money.

Unfortunately, another reason insurance companies can’t be trusted is that they offer lowball settlements.

Lowball Settlements

Insurance companies often offer their liabilities settlements that are less than what liabilities deserve. When this happens, the insurance company is acting in bad faith.

Unfortunately, bad faith claims occur more often than people realize, probably due to the commercials that show insurance companies as looking out for people’s best interests. However, there is a way to ensure that an insurance company representative is treating a liability fairly.

Talk to an Attorney

An attorney can look at the facts of your case to determine if an insurance company representative is treating you fairly. That’s why Pringle & Herigstad offers free consultations for all potential clients because, after the meeting, we can determine whether an insurance company is treating you fairly or acting in bad faith.

Get experienced representation on your side! Call (855) 254-5100 for a free consultation.