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Throughout the entire year, there are numerous risks on the road; dangers that put you and other drivers in harm’s way. Some individuals are more negligent than others. Unfortunately, around the holidays, the chance of these negligent acts occurring can increase, leaving you in a difficult position.

It helps to recognize some of the most common causes of accident increases around the holidays. While some of these dangers may be unavoidable, having a clear understanding of what they are can help keep you as safe as possible on the road.

Drunk Drivers

Because many people use the holidays as a time for celebration, there’s often a large amount of alcohol consumed. When individuals don’t take their inebriated state seriously, they may try to drive intoxicated. Drinking and driving are one of the most dangerous acts and one of the nation’s leading contributors to accidents.

Drunk driving accidents are more common around holidays like Thanksgiving and the days between Christmas and New Year’s as more people have time off work. They have more to celebrate, or other emotions kick in, and drinking becomes a bigger problem than usual.

Changes in Weather

Winter weather such as rain and snow can make driving much more difficult. Inclement weather causes issues with traction and reduces visibility. Unfortunately, not all drivers consider conditions when it comes to safety. Those who drive too fast for weather conditions are considered negligent and can be held accountable for causing severe injuries.

Rideshare Drivers

The holidays bring out numerous rideshare drivers trying to make more money. These individuals are often distracted, looking at smartphones or scanning for passengers. They also stop more often and in places where they shouldn’t.

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