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There are various complexities that vary from state to state when it comes to pursuing compensation after a car accident. In North Dakota, the insurance claims process is based on a no-fault system, which changes how you can take action after a crash.

It’s vital to recognize what rights you have and how to proceed with filing a claim whenever you find yourself involved in a crash. Below, we’ll explain what the no-fault system means for your claim and the various complications you may encounter along the way.

What You Do After a Crash

After a collision in a no-fault state, you go through your own insurance company to pursue compensation. It doesn’t matter if the other driver was the one responsible for the crash, you are going through your own coverage for money to cover your bodily injuries.

However, for property damage, you may need to go through the other driver’s insurance provider.

It’s important to know that there may be thresholds regarding the severity of your injuries and the amount of property damage that allows you to file a third-party lawsuit. Be sure to speak with a lawyer about your situation to learn if this is an option for you.

Complications That May Arise

Just because you’re going through your own provider doesn’t mean they’re going to be willing to hand out maximum compensation. There are many instances in which insurance companies focus on profit over well-being, often lowering their settlement offer to try and get you to accept whatever you can get.

Insurance companies are often looking to use various tactics against you that allow them to pay much less than you deserve, even if you’re their policyholder. Make sure you’re doing all you can to protect your rights and get a lawyer on your side who can help advocate your rights.

At Pringle & Herigstad, P.C., we’re committed to helping you through complex matters. Our North Dakota car accident attorneys are here to protect your rights and safeguard your claim to compensation, explaining your options along the way.

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