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Fracking is a big part of the country and has a robust presence in North Dakota. For those employed in the hydraulic fracturing field, or “fracking” field, you know better than most how dangerous this type of work really is. The majority of fracking workers operate heavy equipment and large-scale drills in order to access oil reserves. A day’s work is long and labor intensive, not to mention riddled with risk of injury.

Most Common Injuries to Fracking Workers

The risk of injury in fracking work is pronounced under the best of circumstances. Negligence at any level, however, can needlessly put workers at heightened risk of suffering harm on the job. Workers may be injured in oil truck accidents over the course of transporting pressurized, hazardous fluid to various sites. Oil truck accidents also carry a high risk of fire, explosion, and burn injuries. In fact, the risk of injury due to explosion is also high on fracking sites themselves. This is because constant exposure to highly flammable chemicals means that the risk of a serious fire or explosion is ever-present. Workers can also suffer from toxic chemical exposure alone which can lead to serious illnesses and other medical conditions.

Considering the risks associated with operating heavy machinery, being exposed to toxic chemicals, and working with highly flammable chemicals is an everyday part of fracking work, it may come as no surprise that fracking workers can suffer serious injuries. Some of the most common injuries to fracking workers include:

While injuries sustained by fracking workers can run a range in severity, many of them are painful, debilitating, and may prove fatal. Traumatic brain injuries are often the result of a worker being struck by a falling object. In other cases, a worker may sustain crush injuries when caught in heavy machinery. Sometimes, workers will develop serious respiratory diseases due to constant exposure to toxic chemicals such as methane and silica sand. Exposure to toxic chemicals on fracking sites can also lead to workers developing health problems such as lung and skin disorders as well as kidney failure and cancer.

North Dakota Personal Injury Attorneys

Fracking work is dangerous work. Sometimes, despite all safety precautions, workers are injured and can pursue workers’ compensation benefits. Other times, a worker may have been injured due to negligence or carelessness. In such cases. Under certain circumstances, an injured worker may be able to recover compensation above and beyond workers’ compensation. This can be critical to the worker’s financial recovery after being injured at work as workers’ compensation benefits are often extremely lacking. To help ensure that you are properly compensated after suffering an injury as a fracking worker, reach out to the dedicated team of personal injury attorneys at Pringle & Herigstad. Contact us today.