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Road safety should be everyone’s responsibility. However, you can’t assume that others will follow the laws and prevent a crash from occurring. The golden rules of driving should be enough to keep you safe; however, you should practice defensive driving because other drivers may still be negligent. Below, we’ll provide some driving tips to help you avoid collisions as much as possible.

Always Wear Your Seat Belt

You can’t always prevent a crash when other drivers act negligently. However, you can focus on your safety by wearing a seat belt. If you experience a crash, a seat belt can reduce the risk of death by up to 45%. It may not help you avoid an accident but wearing a seat belt can minimize your injury severity.

Stay In Your Lane and Check Your Surroundings

If you’re driving, you should stay in your lane and avoid swerving. Only merge lanes if you’ve used your indicators to let another driver know that you’re entering their lane. Before doing anything on the road, though, you should make sure you check your surroundings.

Check your mirrors before merging. Just as important, pay close attention to vehicles in front of you so you can react timely and effectively.

Don’t Cut Off Others or Swerve Through Traffic

Aggressive driving never helps. When you cut in front of someone, you can frustrate the driver. It can lead to tailgating and other reckless behavior that can cause a severe crash. If you intend to merge lanes, make sure you can get over safely by remaining far enough in front of the other vehicle.

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