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Staying safe on the road can be difficult when other people are reckless and careless in their behavior. Whenever someone is negligent, they are most often exhibiting certain signs that indicate they may either be drunk, distracted, fatigued, or otherwise impaired.

As a driver on the road, you must pay close attention to these actions to protect yourself as much as possible. Whenever you recognize the various signs of negligence, you should be sure to stay back and stay clear of the other driver as they can cause significant harm on the road.

Swerving In and Out of Lanes

Whether someone is distracted, tired, or intoxicated, it’s easy for them to swerve out of their own lane and into another lane. In some situations, it can lead to a sideswipe crash involving the vehicle next to the driver, but it can also lead to a head-on collision. If you ever notice this behavior on the road, be sure to stay back and report the driver, and never try to pass.

Braking Erratically

When you’re driving behind someone who is negligent, you may notice them braking erratically, even without another driver in front of them. This is why you give enough space to the driver in front of you because they can potentially stop suddenly, causing you to crash into them.

Speeding Up and Slowing Down

A driver who is intoxicated or distracted may slow down randomly because of their impairment and then speed up again as they begin to realize what’s happening. The more they do this, though, the more they put other drivers around them at risk of potential harm.

If you recognize any signs of potential negligence, never try to pass the vehicle. You put yourself at significant risk of harm when you come in close proximity to a negligent driver.

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