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According to the National Safety Council, over 44,000 people were injured and 857 were killed in work zone accidents in 2020. This number has steadily increased since 2010, with more drivers and infrastructure projects taking over the roadways.

While there may be numerous reasons why these accidents occur, it’s important to know that both workers and drivers may be held accountable for injuries caused. Here’s what you need to know.

When are Drivers Responsible for Work Zone Accidents?

Generally, drivers are held responsible for work zone accidents if they’re driving recklessly, such as speeding, using a cell phone, or not obeying the posted signs and signals. It’s important for drivers to be attentive to these signs, as they often note when lanes are merging or shifting, changes in speed limits, as well as penalties for unsafe driving behaviors.

When are Workers Responsible for Work Zone Accidents?

Workers can also be held responsible for work zone accidents if they’re not following safety protocols or are working in an unsafe manner. Workers should act reasonably when working, so things like dropping equipment from an overpass and striking a driver or a contractor failing to put up the proper signs could be considered negligence.

When are Companies Held Liable for Work Zone Accidents?

In some cases, an injured individual may be able to file a personal injury claim against the entire construction company. Companies are most often held liable for injuries in work zone accidents if they fail to maintain the work zone or have equipment defects. For example, improperly placed or used lighting can impede a driver’s ability to see and cause an accident; another instance may include when large equipment like pavers or cranes are in the roadway without a big enough safe zone and strike a driver.

North Dakota Car Accident Attorneys

Work zone accidents are complex in that multiple parties may be held liable for collisions that occur. Our North Dakota attorneys can help ensure that you obtain the compensation you are entitled to following one of these incidents. Schedule a free consultation with a member of our team today by calling (855) 245-5100.