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Farms make up the backbone of the American economy. Farm workers are doing integral work, but they are also doing dangerous work. Among other farming dangers, machinery, and equipment often play a key role in some of the most common and devastating farm accidents. Unfortunately, farm accidents involving farming machinery and equipment can leave farmworkers with tragic injuries that end up lasting a lifetime.

Let us delve into the world of farming accidents with a focus on machinery and equipment. As we explore this topic, we will look at the key causes of these accidents, their consequences, and how adopting safe practices can dramatically reduce these incidents.

Farming Machinery and Equipment: Key Causes of Farm Accidents

Farming machinery and equipment can be dangerous even under the best and safest working conditions. When proper safety precautions are not taken, however, accidents can happen all too easily. Some of the farm machinery and equipment commonly involved in farm accidents include:

  • Tractors
  • Brush hogs
  • Hay rakers
  • Hay balers
  • Grain augers
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Combines
  • Corn pickers

Farm tractors, in particular, are commonly involved in serious farm accidents with tractor rollovers being a primary example of this. In fact, tractor rollovers are the most common cause of farming accident injuries and can often be fatal. The second most common cause of injury to farm workers is being run over by a tractor. You also may be surprised to learn that it is often the case where the farm worker fell off of a tractor that was running and was then run over by that very same tractor.

Brush hogs are another piece of farm machinery that is commonly involved in farm accidents. A type of mower that attaches to a tractor hitch, brush hogs have thick and very powerful rotary blades in order to cut through dense brush without stopping. Some of the more common types of brush hog accidents include the brush hog becoming unstable and tipping over as well as debris flying out of the machine and striking those in the vicinity.

As you can see, farm equipment and machinery accidents involve a wide variety of accident types. Sometimes, a farm worker may be caught in a piece of running machinery. Other times farming equipment is involved in highway collisions and non-highway accidents. Farm workers also run the risk of being struck by falling machinery parts and electrical accidents that can occur when equipment makes contact with power lines that run overhead or underground.

Many farm equipment and machinery accidents can be avoided by taking the proper safety precautions. Using the right safety equipment when operating farm equipment and machinery can be critical in avoiding serious injury. Proper training on how to safely operate equipment and machines as well as proper maintenance of equipment and machinery can also help keep farm workers safe and injury-free.

North Dakota Personal Injury Attorneys

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