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Suffering an injury in a car accident is never easy to endure. You want to ensure that you can get medical treatment, but the financial hardships that often come with it make it challenging to overcome. A bigger problem arises when insurance adjusters look at your pre-existing medical conditions to determine if you can pursue compensation.

Unfortunately, this is a tactic that often results in claimants receiving much less than they deserve after an accident. Here are some things you should know about pre-existing conditions and car accident claims.

Tell a Doctor About All Your Injuries

After a crash in which you sustain serious injuries, it’s vital to tell doctors about all of your injuries. When your doctor asks about your injuries, they want to know about all of them. If you leave anything out, it will not go in your medical report.

Medical reports can be significant evidence when pursuing compensation. To maximize how much you can recover, it’s vital for your doctor to assess, diagnose, and treat all injuries you have resulting from the crash.

How Pre-Existing Injuries Impact Your Case

Causation is one of the factors in filing a claim against a negligent party. You have to show that the person caused your injuries. Pre-existing conditions give insurance adjusters a chance to minimize your claim by saying that your injury was not the result of someone else’s actions.

If insurance adjusters know that you have a pre-existing condition, they’ll make the process much more difficult for you than it should be. Having a lawyer can help you.

At Pringle & Herigstad, P.C., we work in your best interests. Our North Dakota car accident lawyers prioritize your rights and work to pursue the maximum compensation possible. Trust that we’ll give you a voice against negligence every step of the way.