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Winter can feel like an eternity here in North Dakota, but eventually, the thaw comes and summer arrives! As the weather warms up, school gets out and more and more people are out and about to enjoy all the season has to offer. While you are enjoying all of your summer, it is important to remember to stay safe. After all, did you know that the number of personal injuries drastically increases in the summer? It’s true. Let’s take a closer look at why that is the case.

The Summer Surge: Why Personal Injuries Are So Common in the Summertime

Yes, personal injuries tend to surge in the summertime. This is due to an increase in a variety of accident types. The surge in personal injuries stemming from these different kinds of accidents occurs for a number of reasons, but all of the reasons seem tied to the summer season.

Take car accidents, for instance. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is when the number of car accidents peaks across the country. With school out and people taking more vacation time over the summer, the roads are busier than ever. People are also likely to go on road trips and encounter roads they are unfamiliar with. Between the congestion and the confusion of being in unfamiliar territory, it is really no surprise that there are more auto accidents during the summer.

Heat is another contributing factor to summer accident increases. With the heat comes increased rates of dehydration and driver fatigue. Both can cause slower reaction times and impaired judgment as well as diminished attention spans. All of this leads to dangerous driving conditions. Furthermore, with barbecues and Fourth of July celebrations, there are spikes in accidents involving intoxicated drivers.

In addition to an increased number of drivers on the road, there are also more bicyclists and pedestrians out and about in the summer months to enjoy the much-improved weather conditions. When you have more cars driving, more people walking, and more bicyclists riding, it becomes more likely that an accident will occur resulting in injury to one or more people.

There are also increased incidences of slip and fall accident injuries in the summer months. While you may associate slippery surfaces with the winter months, there are plenty of wet surfaces in the summer months as well. Between summer rains and people trying to stay cool with things like swimming, there are plenty of wet surfaces. There are also concrete cracks that pop up after the winter thaws. Lawns and businesses are likely littered with landscaping equipment such as ladders that can easily prove hazardous to pedestrians. People in general are out running around more in the summer months. All of this makes for an increased likelihood of a slip and fall accident occurring.

Summer also sees an increase in the number of dog bite cases. After all, it is not just humans that are out enjoying the weather more than usual. Dogs are too. Families may get complacent, especially when the family dog has never displayed signs of aggression, and let dogs run off leash in the summertime. Unfortunately, even the mildest manner dog can have defensive reactions to people.

Personal Injury Attorneys

The team at Pringle & Herigstad wants you and your loved ones to have a wonderful summer! Stay safe. If you are injured because someone else wasn’t taking the necessary care they should have, then reach out to us right away. Contact us today.