Wood burning
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A minor burn may not impact you much, but some of the more severe burn injuries can cause significant physical and mental trauma. Minor burn injuries can occur because of sunburns or contact with scalding hot water, and the symptoms may heal by themselves in a few days. However, more severe burns can significantly impact your entire life.

Here’s everything you need to know about burn injury degrees and the symptoms you may experience.

Types of Burn Injuries

First-Degree Burns

First-degree burns typically involve damage to your top layer of skin. You may experience redness and soreness in the area of the burn. In most situations, you can recover from a first-degree burn with minimal treatment. Most first-degree burns heal without scarring or long-term issues.

Second-Degree Burns

Suffering a second-degree burn can be painful. This type of burn injury goes deeper than first-degree burns, causing damage to multiple layers of skin. A second-degree burn can also cause blistering and scarring at the site of the burn injury.

When you suffer a second-degree burn, you may take weeks to recover. Even then, you may endure emotional trauma because of the scarring this type of burn injury can cause.

Third-Degree Burns

A third-degree burn is almost the worst type of burn you can sustain. These burns go beyond your layers of skin and into parts of your body. In terms of appearance, a third-degree burn can create black, white, or yellowish skin, swelling, and more.

Third-degree burns can also cause damage to your nerve endings. As a result, you may not even feel long-term pain.

Suffering a burn injury because of someone else’s negligence is never easy to endure. However, if it happens, you deserve the right to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.

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