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The intersection of U.S. Highway 83 and North Dakota Highway 23, located approximately 18 miles south of Minot, has been a cause for concern due to the high number of severe crashes in recent years. 

According to North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) data as reported by The Dakotan, the U.S. 83 and ND 23 intersection was the scene of 14 vehicle crashes between 2018 and 2022, resulting in one fatality and eight injuries. However, the situation worsened in 2023, with three fatal accidents claiming the lives of three individuals and injuring four others in just four months. These crashes occurred during the daytime and in good weather and road conditions despite the presence of an approaching traffic detection system with flashing warning lights and stop signs with blinking red lights.

The NDDOT recognizes the severity of the problem and is actively working on finding solutions to improve safety at this intersection. As Matthew Linneman, deputy director of engineering for the NDDOT, told The Dakotan, “We’re constantly reviewing that intersection for improvements we can make. We are diving deep to try and find some improvements that we can come up with. We’re asking our team of engineers to produce some other ideas, thinking maybe outside the norm.”

Proposed Solutions

One of the proposed solutions to reduce crashes at the U.S. 83 and ND 23 intersection is the construction of a “double teardrop roundabout.” This design would consist of a roundabout at each intersection, one for northbound U.S. 83 and one for southbound U.S. 83, where they intersect with ND 23. The estimated cost of this project is around $16 million, although no timeline has been set for its implementation.

While some community members support the roundabout proposal, others have expressed concerns about its potential to slow down traffic on U.S. 83, which accounts for approximately 80 percent of the traffic at the intersection. Another suggestion has been the construction of an overpass, but this would take three to four years to complete, and the NDDOT is looking for more immediate solutions.

The Importance of Driver Awareness

While engineering solutions are crucial in improving road safety, driver awareness and caution also play a vital role in preventing accidents. Drivers must be extra vigilant when approaching and navigating the U.S. 83 and ND 23 intersection, slowing down and being prepared to stop when necessary.

As a community, all drivers must work together to promote safe driving practices and awareness of the dangers of this intersection. By raising awareness and encouraging responsible driving, we can help reduce the number of tragic accidents that occur at this location.

How Our North Dakota Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

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