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Auto insurance companies must work to help their policyholders after a severe car accident, especially when it results in significant financial losses. However, what most people forget is that insurance companies are businesses. They only profit when they take in monthly premiums and avoid paying out compensation when it matters most.

When someone suffers an injury in a car accident, it can seem that insurance adjusters are working to be your friend. However, you should know that these professionals often use tactics that take advantage of the vulnerable position that you’re in following a crash. Below, we’ll help you explain some of the tactics that insurance adjusters may try to use against you.

These are 5 tactics to watch out for:

  1. They act friendly
  2. They offer low-ball settlements
  3. They discredit your witnesses
  4. They claim you’re at fault
  5. They minimize the value of your losses

1. They Act Friendly

Some insurance adjusters may attempt to empathize with you and tell you how sorry they are about your situation. Unfortunately, that is often just an act. Insurance adjusters want you to believe that they are there for you and willing to help you. Don’t believe everything that they say.

Insurance adjusters hope that you won’t hire a lawyer to help you if you believe they are friendly. Before you give an insurance company a chance to take advantage of your rights, make sure you speak with a lawyer about your case.

2. They Offer Low-Ball Settlements

To try and save money, insurance adjusters may offer you a lower settlement than you deserve. They know you’re in a vulnerable situation, and they feel that you’d accept any offer they provide. Accepting this settlement eliminates your ability to pursue additional compensation, so have an attorney review any offer before you accept it.

3. They Discredit Your Witnesses

If you have witnesses who back your claims, insurance adjusters may look at ways to discredit their character. You rely on these witnesses to help show fault, but insurance adjusters may not always consider their statements or recollection of the accident, impacting the validity of your claim.

4. They Claim You’re At Fault

When you talk with insurance adjusters and tell them your side of the story, few things will stop them from turning it on you. They will try to claim you’re at fault for the accident, and you may not be able to pursue compensation for your injuries.

5. They Minimize the Value of Your Losses

After a crash, you experience numerous financial losses. Medical bills, repair costs, and lost income can put you in a challenging situation. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters may evaluate your losses much differently than you would expect. You need to make sure that you have receipts, statements, and any other indicators to show the actual value of your damages.

Protecting you from insurance adjusters is what we do. We know that these companies are looking out for their own best interests rather than those of claimants who need help the most. As such, our North Dakota car accident lawyers are ready to stand by your side and help you pursue maximum compensation when you need it.

Pringle & Herigstad, P.C. has a reputation for providing the highest level of legal counsel during the most challenging times. We’ll give you a voice and be your advocate throughout the entire process so that you can focus on your own recovery while we take care of the legal obstacles.