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We often take driving for granted. We forget that driving is a privilege, not a right. Whether North Dakota drivers realize it or not, many are putting themselves and others at risk of a serious car accident. These surprising facts about North Dakota drivers will illustrate this point and demonstrate how everyone can make an effort to drive safer.

1. North Dakota Led the Nation in DUI Fatalities

North Dakota leads the nation in DUI-related fatalities per capita. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk drivers caused nearly 40% of traffic fatalities in North Dakota. That’s about 3x the national average.

Since the NHTSA’s report, North Dakota has taken strides in reducing this number. The work paid off and 2018 saw the state’s lowest traffic fatalities in a decade.

2. North Dakota has No System for Reporting Unsafe Drivers

Most states have systems in place to prevent unsafe drivers, especially the elderly or mentally unfit, from getting behind the wheel. North Dakota, on the other hand, has no system designed to investigate unsafe drivers.

Instead, drivers over the age of 78 must renew their licenses every four years instead of every six years. Moreover, the renewal process is typically the same as for every other age group, barring special exceptions.

3. North Dakota Leads the Nation in License Suspension

North Dakota drivers should know about the 12-point system. Any safety violation, be it speeding, failure to wear a seatbelt, or drunk driving, adds points against a driver’s license. At 12 points or more, drivers receive a 1-week license suspension for every point over 11.

As a result of the 12-point system, roughly 10% of North Dakota drivers have lost their driving privileges for some length of time. That makes North Dakota the national leader in driving license suspension.

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