3 Things to Do When You Encounter a Drunk Driver

One of the most dangerous things you can encounter on the road is a drunk driver. However, far too often, individuals aren’t sure of the best ways to deal with this type of negligence. They’re quick to try and pass the drunk driver and do nothing else. This can be a serious mistake.

When you encounter a drunk driver on the road, whether when driving or in a crash, you should know what you need to do moving forward. Here are three things that you should do in this situation to keep yourself as safe as possible.

1. Never Pass a Drunk Driver

Make sure you’re not trying to pass a drunk driver. This can lead to a significant accident as drunk drivers are prone to change lanes erratically, swerve into multiple lanes, and can crash into you. Instead of passing the drunk driver, make sure you stay back or pull off the road completely to avoid a confrontation.

2. Report the Drunk Driver

You can use a hands-free device to contact 911 and report the drunk driver. You’ll be asked what the make and model of the vehicle is, if you got the vehicle’s license plate number, and where you’re currently traveling. The more information you can give law enforcement, the better the chance is they’ll be pulled over and stopped before causing an accident.

3. Avoid Any Confrontation

In the event you are involved in a collision with someone you believe to be a drunk driver, make sure you contact local law enforcement to report the accident quickly. If you have police on scene, you can diffuse any situation in which the drunk driver may become volatile or combative.

If you feel threatened, make sure you stay in your vehicle. If the driver leaves the scene, make sure you can describe them as much as possible.

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