Case Results

Pringle & Herigstad, P.C. represents hundreds of clients every year.
The following are examples of some cases the firm has handled and results secured.

  • Accidental Gunshot
    Victim suffered gunshot wound to head when .22 rifle accidentally discharged. Substantial settlement.
  • Child Burn
    Child burned by hot water in sink at a resort, suffered burn injuries to legs. Substantial settlement.
  • H2S Exposure

    Worker exposed to Hydrogen Sulfide as he hauled waste water. Suffered breathing and neurological symptoms. Substantial settlement.

  • Motorcycle Accident
    Cycle rider suffered ankle injury when car pulled out in front of him. Substantial verdict.
  • Oil Field Accident

    Worker seriously injured leg when payloader bucket came down on him. Substantial settlement.

  • Oil Field Construction Accident

    Worker injured when became entangled in PTO shaft, seriously injuring leg. Substantial settlement.